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Ofrat Gilady-Sten
Sagger Firing

Sagger firing is a traditional technique that many cultures in the history have used to fire their pottery and ceramic wears.

A Sagger is a lidded container that encloses another pot during firing.

 A pot can be fired inside another pot or wrapped in tin-foil. The pot will be burnished with stone or cloth before bisque firing. Terra Sigillata can be applied to the pot before burnishing, creating a smooth and glossy surface. To achieve a rust and orange color, apply Ferric Chloride to the pot before beginning the sager process. In sagger firing no glaze is applied to the pot. The pot is fired with organic materials such as wood shavings, sawdust, salt, seaweed, onion peel, cooper and steel wire.

 Burning organic and natural materials inside the sagger creates unique colors and prints.